Wall of Fame

Someone said you’re lucky if you find something in life that you love doing, and it’s a miracle if someone will pay you to do it.  I’m Richard McDevitt, and whoever said that was right.

When people walk into my mediation center the first thing they notice is the Wall of Fame, which started as a joke a few years ago.  Two attorneys were in my Center regarding a major lawsuit:  Tim Schafer for the Plaintiff, Bruce Clark for the Defense.  Both of whom are very successful attorneys.  Tim had driven to my office that day in a brand new, very large, white Rolls Royce.  Bruce Clark jokingly told Tim that he had a gift for him if the case settled.  So after a few hours of negotiation and compromise, the case did settle, and Attorney Schafer said to Attorney Clark, “Ok.  Where’s my gift?”   Attorney Clark invited us out to the parking lot and showed us that he had installed a Bruce Clark and Associates license plate holder on Tim Schafer’s Rolls Royce.  It was really funny, so I asked them to crouch down behind the Rolls and I took their photo, put it in an 8 x 10 frame and hung it on the wall in my mediation center.

Lawyers who saw the photo laughed, and finally one asked me how he could get on the wall.  I said, “Settle your case, I’ll put you on the Wall.”  And that’s how the Wall of Fame started.  You can only get on the Wall if your case settles at our Mediation Center.  These photos on the Wall represent hundreds of personalities, perspectives and legal positions by professionals who came to our Center, argued their cases on behalf of their clients, and ultimately resolved their disputes in the best interests of their clients.  It amazes me when I look at the Wall and remember that an hour before these photos of lawyers, insurance representatives and even clients were taken shaking hands and with their arms around each other, these same people were involved in a dispute that in many cases had lasted for years.  I feel very fortunate to be able to serve attorneys in this way and help their clients end conflict in their lives.