ADR Process

Our Dispute Resolution Process

Resolve your case through mediation or arbitration

Instead of allowing a judge or jury to determine your fate, you can choose Alternative Dispute Resolution — an option that resolves disputes more quickly and with greater peace of mind.

ADR – Mediation

Mediation allows individuals to resolve disputes using the services of a third-party neutral or facilitator — commonly known as a mediator.

As your mediator, we help you identify issues, search for solutiformer judicial officers, we don’t have a bias or prejudice against either party or their position.

The mediation process is confidential — what you say to us as your mediators will not be shared with the other party without your consent.

Mediation sessions can last anywhere from several hours to several days – but is typically a faster solution than waiting for a judge or jury to hear and decide the case.

Don’t let your case drag out for months or years. Call McDevitt Mediation Center. We will work to resolve your dispute in a confidential, dignified setting.