Welcome to McDevitt Mediation Center

  • Dispute Resolution – Exclusively

    We do not practice law.  We are not a law firm.  We resolve cases through Mediation and Arbitration.  Period.
  • Former Judicial Officers

    We provide litigants and their counsel  with unique perspectives that help get cases settled.
  • We Maintain Confidentiality

    Trust the Neutrals at McDevitt Mediation Center to keep the information you share with them confidential.
  • Comfortable Facility

    Our goal is to ensure that you and your clients are relaxed and comfortable throughout the Mediation process.
  • Off-Site Mediations

    Our Neutrals are willing to travel to your facility to get cases settled.


At McDevitt Mediation Center, LLC, our dispute resolution neutrals are former judicial officers who combine years of legal and judicial experience, and formal dispute resolution training, with compassionate, creative approaches to assist our clients in resolving conflict in a comfortable, dignified environment.

As former judicial officers, we believe we are uniquely qualified to help our clients to understand and evaluate the realities, strengths and weaknesses of their legal positions in an effort to promote settlement prior to trial. As we did while serving on the Bench, we take our role as neutrals very seriously: We maintain no biases or prejudices for or against either party or their respective positions. We have presided over complex civil law suits involving a wide variety of legal disputes including personal injury and wrongful death, insurance coverage, medical and legal malpractice, class actions, contracts, real property, property tax, employment discrimination, wrongful discharge, injunctions and family law, to name a few. We have successfully mediated hundreds of disputes, bringing decades of combined litigation experience to our role as a Mediators and Arbitrators.

Meet Hon. Richard F. McDevitt